Data Center Tycoon

Data Center Tycoon puts you in charge of managing a data centers day to day activities, your tasks are to accept contracts, buy servers, manage power and deal with any maintenance of the data center.

Data Center Tycoon Beta 3 for Windows:

Data Center Tycoon Beta 3

Data Center Tycoon Beta 3 for OS X (Mac):

Data Center Tycoon Beta 3 for Mac


An example of the server models

Over 5 types of server:

The game currently includes more than 5 types of servers in 1U and 2U sizes. All these servers have different characteristics which mean you have to pay close attention to what hardware you need to fulfil your contracts.

Examples of the company logos in Data Center Tycoon

12 companies and 6 contracts:

There are 12 companies in game with 6 unique contracts for you to accept with more contracts and companies being added as the game is developed. In future versions as your data center increases in size so will the contracts you'll be able to take.

An exert from a xml file used for adding content

More content is addable:

In addition to the included content you can make and share more content which is easily added to the game by adding it to a resources folder and editing an xml file, currently you can add more servers, contracts, companies and employees.

The basement map from the game

3 buyable locations:

The game starts you in a small basement but before too long you can move your setup to a better building and eventually you can move to a large data center with all the space needed for your expanding buisness. This may eventually be moddable to allow you to add a custom data center thats anything from a data warehouse to a christmas data center.